Masquerading on the internet

We’ve all been there. Or, was it just me?

Assuming the person you’re talking to is really really dashing or is of the opposite gender always helps. It’s just the way it is. Posing as someone very sexy has a different level of fun.

Everybody lies. I was 13 when I entered those msn chatrooms. Had to pretty much level up with those 18 year old girls because I said I was so.

Don’t ask me what happened when they wanted to voice chat with me.

We come online to have some fun and get brutally hurt instead. Some people take that crap too seriously.

I knew a freak who even created a script to boot a guy every time he logged in just because he asked him to buzz off. No, not me. I wasn’t that jobless 😐

2 thoughts on “Masquerading on the internet”

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