He found the diary..

their friendship was green
their friendship was blue
the love in their hearts was genuinely true

a secret it was, for a long time indeed
the bird was confused of how to proceed

they danced to the tunes, to the proms, to the bands
with a smile on his face, and lust on his hands

years numbered four, but he wanted more
the three words of life wasn’t said before

the fear! the fear! that wiped him with a smear
”no” is the word which he couldn’t afford to hear

the time had come for her to leave
a new life, a new degree of tortured-eve

vincent : did you see julia?
julia’s friend : no, but she gave your locker keys back. she wanted some stuff which she kept there.
vincent : thanks. if you see her, will you tell her that i was looking for her?
julia’s friend : don’t you know? she’s leaving the country.
vicent : WHAT?!
julia’s friend : yes, she’s leaving in a few hours. she got admission to another university..

a diary of eyeses and sentiments so deep
a gift in his locker, which she had to keep

he found the diary and turned to the first page

Entry # i met this great guy called vincent. he’s sweet and has a killer smile..

*turns a few more pages *
Entry # today, vincent asked me to be his prom date. i couldn’t be more excited..

*keeps turning*
Entry # i think i’m in love with vincent. should i tell him? what if he doesn’t feel the same way..

*crushed, and with tears in his eyes..tries to turn some more pages*
Entry # vincent danced with me all evening. it’s the best day of my life..

*turns to the last page*
Last entry # vincent, you are my first and last love. 🙂

he crunched the last page, and held the diary close to him.

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