My mother thinks I’m gay.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just on my computer or everyone faces something similar. The Matrimonial Ad[s] : very irritating sometimes. They just happen to pop up or just stay there at one corner of the website. And they always ALWAYS put up a girl’s picture for the banner. Why just a girl? Why not put up a guy’s picture? Like we girls are the only desperate species to go get married 😐

Not that I’m particularly mad about the girl’s image or anything but I was reading an article related to my project and there was this Matrimonial Ad saying : Hi, I’m Heena, 22 years old. It was just there. I couldn’t block it or anything, so it’s not my fault if it’s there 😐
My mother walked in to ask me something and she sees the Ad. Little does she know that it’s JUST an advertisement, she freaks out totally.

Mother : What are you watching?
Me : Umm, what?
Mother : What are you doing at
Me : I’m not at :S I’m reading an article.
Mother : On girls who wants to get married?
Me : * still confused * Ma, what are you talking about?
Mother : Do you find that girl attractive?
Me : Which girl?
Mother : That girl HEENA!
Me : * after realizing that she saw the ad * Oh! Maa, that’s just an ad..
Mother : * interrupts me * Isshhhh! Do you like girls? * raises her eyebrows *
Me : Well..
Mother : Oh my GOD!
Me : 😐
Mother : Do you not like guys?
Me : Of course, I do. I like both guys and gir.. Wait a minute. Like in which sense?
Mother : Do you want to marry a girl? I can find a very good boy for you. Boys are good. Girls should marry boys not girls. Okay? * tries her best to convince me *
Me : Maa, I don’t think of girls that way. Will you calm down? You’re embarassing me.
Mother : * takes a different level * You ever had a boyfriend?
Me : Umm, not really.
Mother : WHAT? You only had girlfriends?
Me : I have friends who are mostly girls.
Mother : What about boys? You don’t talk to them at all?
Me : Of course, I talk to them!

While this was on in the background, my msn messenger was on and my friend Sush pings me saying..
Sush : Anaaaaaa! I love you SO much. Your idea worked. I thrashed him away. He’s gone now. If you were a guy, I’d have married you.

A very bad timing for my mother. 😐
Mother : Who’s that?
Me : Nobody.
Mother : Sush? That sounds like a girl’s name.
Me : Maa, she’s just a friend.
Mother : Why does she say she loves you? Oh god, what did you do to my child * gets upset *

And now my mother thinks I’m gay. 😐 Whenever I get phone calls from a girl, she freaks out even before I do.

So, seriously! You matrimonial ad agencies out there : A guy’s picture. Once in a while! Alright?

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