Am I searching right?

The search engines can be a bit more presumptuous than you can imagine. Google kind of takes that extra mile in playing the i-know-what’s-your-mind game. I just went over to search for a specific topic beginning with how to and..

is what I get. I actually had a topic in mind but thanks to the drop down menu, I clicked on something else 😐

–>When it lags, there’s the whole click-on-refresh-button-million-times scene going on. I kept refreshing twice.. JUST twice while searching for a topic and this is how they calm me down 😐

Site response : 300 restless monkeys are trying hard to fetch the data you are looking for. Can you have some patience and wait for a while?

–>Project topic search-

This happens mostly during the emergency hours. I search for a very vital topic and all the famous porn sites are being listed.

–>Alien language search-

I’m looking for a hindi song which says : Do lafzon ki hai

Site response : Did you mean ”Do laughs on K” ?

* I click on “no” and search for the same song again *

Site response : This data does not exist.

Did the song die or.. ?