Did you murder time?

Guys, I understand the world is moving fast. It has no time for slow heads or whatever you call them. And I totally understand if work is taking up all your time.

What I do not understand is that how BUSY are you? No, not you all. I’m talking about these freaks who take that extra mile in being busy.

It’s okay if you don’t have the time to have coffee or breakfast at home, but it looks creepy when you’re brushing your teeth while driving.

It’s okay if you didn’t find the right clothes to wear off to work, but does that mean that you’ve to have someone iron your dress in the backseat of your car while you’re busy changing in the front?

And ladies, I understand if you want to carry your mascara and eye liners in your handbag and add that last bit of glossy touch in the ladies room. But taking a shower in the office washroom? SERIOUSLY?!

I understand if you reach home late, but assuming that you’ll be making your office cabinet as your bedroom everyday.. Isn’t that a little too much? [I’ve seen people carrying mattresses to the office]

The normal time complains:

I don’t have time to sleep : I’ve heard parents buzzing on yahoo to wake up their children living abroad.

I don’t have time to eat : That explains the one meal per day saga.

I don’t have time to pee [?!] Please, make your business 😐

I don’t have time to watch TV. [Alright, who does?] : So, most of us try to catch them online. Even the NDTV news, maybe. 😐

I don’t have time to study. [Purposely or.. ?]

I don’t have time to play games.

I don’t have time to blog.[This one’s mine. Yes, I see many heads nodding along.]

I don’t have time for love. [Ohhkayyy :|]

One question though, what do you have time for?

Ah, status messages:

I’m busy : which means if you ping that person, you’ll be dragged down by the CBI.

I’m not busy : which means.. wait, are you available?

I’m available : which means you’ll be interrupting this person flooded by pings or that person is pretty jobless and is seeking pings.

I’m not available : which is a fancy way to saying that person is busy.

I’m at work. Please don’t disturb : Okay.

I’m at work. Please disturb : Wha ?!

Stay invisible : This works just fine.

I won’t brag about this because I did it too. Now, I find it to be so stupid. Downloading the idle software for Gtalk? If you want to be fake idle, you might as well write : I’m idle. And you do realize that you don’t need to enable yourself to be idle! You’ll be idle when you are idle. Jeez 😐

The killer sayings these days : [True for most cases]

I’ll call you back! I’ve got another call coming in : Ignore him/her. That person isn’t calling you back. And if there is another call coming in [Okay, you got busy friends]

I’ll just BRB : The person is bored and is never coming back.

I’m back! : Why? I mean.. when did you go away?

From pathshaala under the trees to online classrooms, that’s still okay. I hope we don’t end up creating an online washroom. Or, a robot who tells us to flip over when the same side of the bed seems boring.

P.S : I didn’t murder time. My internship did. 😐 Who murdered yours?

P.P.S : If any of you fall under any category I spoke about, feel free to throw that big keyboard of yours, at me. ‘Cuz mine’s acting weird.