Will I bell or sell the CAT?

With the CAT trauma in my head and everything, I thought of calling up a friend who already had her exam on the second day..

Friend: The exam was Uhh-mazing!

Me: That’s great. Did they feed you cookies during the exam or..

Friend: No no, really. It went great. I never experienced something like this before.

Me: What? You never gave exams before?

Friend: This was ONLINE!

Me: Wokay. Stop wasting my international credits and gimme the real detail.

Friend: Well, the first few questions were good because I skipped ’em.

Me: 😐

Friend:..And then the next few were about to appear but my system restarted.

Me: 😐 😐

Friend: Anyway, so after I was done with the quants section, I was shifted to another center because the server crashed at mine

Me: ..Ohhkay, should I be scared or this is some kind of joke?

Friend: I’m serious. Just be cool because by the time your date comes I’m sure it’ll all be just fine.

Me: Of course. Wouldn’t hurt you to say it once in a while.

Friend: And don’t freak out if you don’t get your results after the exam.

Me: *about to hang up* Whoa whoa whoa, what? What do you mean by that?

Friend: Well, it just happened to one of my friends. His system crashed when he was about to save his answers. He failed to do so. You don’t worry at all though.

Me: *coming out all squeaky* Uh huh.

Friend: All the best 😀

Me: Yeah, right!