Awkward Chat Moments

Case A : When you type a lot and get one liner replies.

BlabberBird : Hey! I missed you so much. I had work all day. So how are you?

TheRobot : Better.

BlabberBird : Okay. How was your day?

TheRobot : Fair.

fifteen minutes later

TheRobot : Yourself?

BlabberBird : I had a great day. * describe my whole day in a paragraph *

TheRobot : Good.

BlabberBird : Alright then I’ll catch you later? You take care and have a great day.

TheRobot : Ditto.

Case B : When both are numb.

ShushBird 1 : Hi.

ShushBird 2 : Hello.

few minutes later

ShushBird 1: Later.

ShushBird 2 : Later it is.

Case C : When one gets disconnected a LOT.

ChatBird : Hey! It’s been a while since I saw you online.

DcBird : I know! It has been so..

DcBird is offline.

DcBird : Sorry! I got disconnected. So how’ve you been?

ChatBird : I’ve been really good. How are you?

DcBird is offline.

DcBird : I’m so sorry! I got dc again. My net is messed up.

ChatBird : Ah, that’s okay.

DcBird : What did you ask?

ChatBird : I asked : How are you?

DcBird is offline.

DcBird : Sorry again! I got..

ChatBird : Yeah, I know you got dc.

DcBird : He he. I am fine. How was your day?

ChatBird : Well my day was.. * types a whole big paragraph and suddenly realizes that DcBird got dc again *

DcBird is offline.

DcBird : My net is totally dashed up! Can you copy paste?

ChatBird : Umm, well. Sure. Can I ask …

DcBird is offline.

ChatBird :.. when are you getting disconnected again?

Case D : When one forgets and the other remembers.

Amnesiac : How are you?

I-Remember-Bird : You asked me that twenty minutes ago.

Amnesiac : Oh, I did? What happened then?

I-Remember-Bird : You got busy.

Amnesiac : Oh! Sorry. So how’s work?

I-Remember-Bird : You asked me that too.

Amnesiac : Oh! Then why am I talking to you again?

I-Remember-Bird : You never asked me that.

Amnesiac : 😐

Case E : When one BRB[s] a lot.

JustABee : I wanted to tell you something.

BeeRBee : BRB.

JustABee : Oh okay.

after a few minutes

BeeRBee: Back!

JustABee : Alright, so..

BeeRBee : Hey, wait! BRB

JustABee : Uh huh.

after a few minutes

BeeRBee : Back!

JustABee : Welcome back.

BeeRBee : So what were you saying?

JustABee : I wanted to say that..

BeeRBee : I’m so sorry. My friend called. BRB

JustABee : Forget it.

BeeRBee : Back!

BeeRBee : Are you there?

JustABee : BRB.

Case F : When one is busy and the other is jobless.

DoingNothingBird :







Where are you?!

BusyBee : I’m a leetle busy.

DoingNothingBird : You’re always busy! You don’t have 2 minutes?




DoingNothingBird is blocked.

Case G : When one is serious and the other is not.

User A : I missed you a lot.

User B : Hey! Did you know a movie is coming up with that title?

User A : Oh. I didn’t. But I really missed you.

User B : I know what you mean! I miss chocolates a lot.

User A : Do you think I’m joking?

User B : No, I certainly don’t. And I’m not joking about missing chocolates either :S