The muffin guy.

At the starbucks counter near my office..

He: Excuse me miss, can I have a blueberry muffin to go please? Thanks a lot.
Me: Can I have the same?
Counter-Lady: Sorry ma’am. This gentleman got the last piece.

Me: Alright, get me a banana muffin.
*appears from behind*
He: Let me get that for you..
Me: Oh really, that’s okay.
He: Hey c’mon. It’s only fair. I took your favourite muffin.
Me: No, really. You don’t have to do that *looking at the price*..on second thoughts, I appreciate chivalry.
He: *laughs* No, chivalrous would be me giving you the muffin you wanted. The shameless jerk that I am..I love blueberry muffins.
Me: Thanks a lot.
He: My pleasure. So you work here?
Me: An intern. What about you?
He: Why are we standing? Let’s get a seat..

*after being seated*
He: Yeah, I’m working with Google. Fresher!
Me: Well, you look fresh!
*he’s puzzled*
Me: I mean to say I got what you meant.
He: No problem. I liked your PJ. So, what’s next for you?
Me: After internship? Job hunting. Oh, wait a minute, that’s already on.
He: You’re funny.
Me: Thanks. I get that a lot.
He: You’re charming. I bet you get that a lot too.
Me: Wow, you’re really good at this.
He: Gimme a break! I’m just making conversation. *gives me a wicked smile*
Me: I’m sorry. I apologize. I’ve to get going now.
He: It was nice meeting you. Did we exchange names yet?
Me: I don’t have one. *grinning*
He: Neither do I. Here’s my card. Call me if you need a muffin.

More later..