The muffin guy – II

And I haven’t been to work since a week now so I decided to give this muffin goon a call.

Me: Hello?
He: Yes?
Me: The muffin guy? [I never thought I’d call someone that]
He: Ah, the blueberry girl! [Didn’t know he kept a nick for me :|]
Me: Hehe, yes.
He: Well, you know what they say. Anything for free food!
Me: What?! Hey! No. I didn’t call you to get a free muffin. You think I can’t afford a muffin?
He: Ssshh, calm down girl. I didn’t mean to say that. Umm.. please don’t be mad. So why did you call?
Me: I don’t know.
He: Why don’t you know?
Me: I wish I knew.
He: Wow, you’re one confused nut. Alright, are you free this weekend?
Me: No no, I’ve got meetings with Mr. President.
He: I hear ”yes”. Let’s meet on friday. I can pick you up and..
Me: Before you go dreamshooting, I don’t meet random guys just like this.
He: I’m not random. I’m the muffin guy.
Me: Are you asking me out?
He: No but I wish I could. [what was that?!] Every friday, I go to this park in Dubai to spend some time with children. We invested into this orphanage and I think you should come. It’ll be a good change for you.
Me: What a load of crap! Nice way to impress a girl. And do you think I’m jobless all week waiting for invitations?
He: Well, do you have any other plans?
Me: …Noo. But still 😐
He: Oh c’mon! Don’t you wanna see a child playing around and smiling?
Me: Yeah, I do but if my parents know this, they’ll kill the child in me.
He: Alright. I won’t pick you up. Why don’t you come by yourself? I’ll pay for your park ticket.
Me: Okay, that sounds fair. And you don’t need to pay for the ticket.
He: Don’t worry, I’ve got a job.
Me: Thanks for poking.
He: Great, so I’ll see you on friday.
Me: Sure.
He: And if you don’t come…*pause*.. there’s pretty much nothing I can do. It’ll really mean a lot to me if you come.
*we hang up*

I started thinking whether I should go.. but then I decided to bring a friend along with me so I’m going =P
More after the park meet..