Don’t walk into that store; they might suck you in.

My blog recently went through some memory loss so had to restore all my posts with fake dates. 😐

I apologize for the loss of comments. Actually, I’ll stop apologizing this time. Go ahead and beat me with a boat. Anyway! Ever had a chance to piss someone off just because you didn’t find what you wanted?

If you’re still wondering, I’m talking about the time when we enter a store and we’re looking for something but we don’t see it. The store people go on parading their collection and we go “Nyah..”. It’s better than ignoring the store people when they chase you for 10 blocks asking, “Would you like to buy something?” The shopping malls are better off though. You just walk by and no one even bothers to look at ya. Whether you buy anything or not, they just don’t care. God!I missed being chased around. 😐

Now, it’s one thing when you’re an ignorant customer but a pissed off customer can get on your nerves. Example: Me. 😐

Scene- At a shoe store.

Salesman: What kind of shoes are you looking for?

Me: Erm, let me have a look at them myself.

*after a lot of checking out*

Me: This is it? That’s all you got? Your stock sucks!

Salesman: Ma’am, we’ve got some exquisite designs..

Me: Yeah yeah, save the lecture. Show me that pair *pointing out to one*

*after trying it on*

Me: These hurt my ankles.

Salesman: Ma’am, with all due respect, you’ve said the same for the last 30 pairs I showed you.

Me: You think I’m lying?

Salesman: I think I have something that’d hurt you less.

Me: Then what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

*gets a nice pair and it fits me fine*

Me: Ah, nice! Keep the store running. *about to leave..*

Salesman: Whoa whoa whoa! Aren’t you going to buy this, ma’am?

Me: When did I say that I wanted to buy something?

*he looks really mad*

Me: What?!

Salesman: Then.. *confused* I can show you some better pairs if you want.

Me: Sure, go ahead.

Salesman: Will you buy any?

Me: Jeez, no.

Salesman: *stares blank* Why do you want me to show our collection then?

Me: Can’t I have a look at them without buying any?

Salesman: No! Our motto is if you look at them, buy ’em!

Me: I hope your motto applies only to shoes. 😐

Moral: Never walk into a store wishing you’ll get out just fine.