Tasks to be done.

Alright, first of all, I know all of you are busy making plans for the night. The night where time ends for 2009 and 2010 jumps in. If anyone’s sad out there, hope this helps. I had no holidays for christmas and neither am I getting any for new years’ eve. Did that lighten up your mood a bit? Of course, it’s a different thing that I’ve bunked to get some holidays myself but that’s my problem. 😐

Here are a few things which I plan to do in 2010.

To do list:

  • Feed the birds.
  • Feed the rival birds.
  • Learn to play guitar and then forget all about it.
  • Brag about being a pro guitarist. Who’s coming to see anyway?
  • Plan to meet people all around the globe and then ditch them by giving the “last minute change of plans” excuse.
  • Make new boyfriends and then forget about them.
  • Learn break dancing and break the master’s leg.
  • Try to become a reader. Pick a book and never remember to have borrowed it from the library. Make my friends pay the dues.
  • Call up everyone on my phone book and make them go mad. I haven’t called them in two years.
  • Learn some new dishes and impress my father.
  • Adopt a raccoon, meerkat, grinch and a cub. Leave the choice to them as to who wants to be adopted by me.
  • Get a job. Who am I kidding? Try to get a job.
  • Click some pathetic ugly looking matrimonial photos.
  • Reject every guy who sends in their applications by sending them scary drunk stories.
  • Write a song and sing it.
  • Send out spams and viruses to my close ones. Look out!
  • Make a list of resolutions and never executing it.
  • Scratching all of this right away after I’m done.

Not to do list:

  • Make fun of a guy’s size [face, hands, legs, erm anything]
  • Feed a cat and then expect the creature to be nice.
  • Bark at a dog.
  • Flirt with an arab.
  • Flirt in general.
  • Breaking someone’s heart and then not caring about it.
  • Be nice to everyone. It’s hazardous for me.
  • Promising something.
  • Ask my mother about how I was born.
  • Ask my father about his married life.
  • Ask my parents about their lost boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • Fight with my loved ones.
  • Avoiding people.
  • Sing loudly in public areas.
  • Avoid being sarcastic? Nah, I can’t do that.
  • Tell someone I love them. No, not you! Alright, maybe you. 😐
  • Draw something and sticking it on someone’s back.
  • Make fun of my professor’s wife.
  • Buying cookies and not paying for it. That was a bad day. 🙁
  • Giving away free chocolates.
  • Stealing candies from a kid who doesn’t know to stop crying.
  • Stealing in general. Paper, pencil, the guy’s nicotine patch etc.
  • Take this list seriously.

I’ll be evil the next year. B-) What about you?