What was I looking for?

I know I have cribbed a lot about being in Dubai and how badly I wanted to get out of that place. Now, that I’m finally here where I wanted to be — India!, I just don’t seem to be happy enough. Was I really looking to come down here or was I just missing the people here?

Maybe it’s me or the way I perceive things. It shouldn’t be this hard but I cannot try to think of adjusting myself in my own country. I feel like an alien in my own land. I always thought that India would be the country to settle down after I complete my studies. Yes, I’m aware of the competition and the genius whiz kids our country has but I wanted to be here no matter what. And I’m here after like spending 6 whole years of my life in that million-dollar-look Arab country but I’m not content.

I wanted to feel at home but this home itself is changing too much. No, I’m not against India developing and shining towards a bright future! It’s just that India is becoming like the country I wanted to run away from. The same malls, the same branded coffee shops, the people taking a extra mile in being ”cool” and don’t even get me started on the movies these days. Many people would go against this claiming that it’s a personal choice and that it’s a sign of advancing and fast lives! I personally don’t think so. I think I miss that old India where things were simpler and people were aware of the culture and tradition. Just hoping we don’t kill the last two by moving forward.

Bharat humko jaan se bhi pyaara hai <3

Sabse pyaara desh humara hai 🙂

I wouldn’t want our India to change too much. It’s perfect the way it is.

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  1. >Its probably because you are only seeing a small part of India.Given that you reside in Pune,you can go back six years by traveling about 6 kilometers from where ever you are located.Yes India is becoming more westernize.But only for those who like imitating.Major part of the population I guess still amend to ” Think Globally, Act Locally” preserving traditions and cultures.I can suggest you places around maharashtra where you wouldnt find those coffee shops and malls. But I dont know how long can India remain like this, capitalism is one strong seducer for money mongers, and unfortunately our country is filled with them. ( Eg. CWG )

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