Switching modes.

A very happy new year to all of you. When I say all, I mean the few number of closed ones and a lot of strangers visiting this site.

Last year has been on and off for me. It has been a weirdly changing wave in my life. I experienced the best and the worst. Never explored life like the way I did it last year. Frankly, I learned a lot.

Right now the few most important things in my life that I want to do or rather focus on –

  • the people I love – my parents, my best friends and myself (yes! Is that surprising?)
  • be positive and pray for better things
  • focus on my health (I really have to do this)
  • never let the negative in me spread around because it brings down people who are close to me
  • GROW UP!
  • Start earning – Yeah, I have to. 🙁
  • Not kill the ”hope” in me that everything happens for a reason. For the better or worse? Let god decide.

Seeyah till I come up with more stuff.

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