Wardrobe Dilemmas!

It’s 2011 right? The year has worn new clothes. So should this blog, right? But iThoughts has been painfully taking a lot of time in fitting into an outfit that really suits it. I’ve spent hours and hours on this and I must say that it’s an interesting task. Bring on the templates and my mind goes ”whoosh!”. I’ve been spending way too much time on choosing an attractive template rather than focusing more on the content which is totally blank btw. Yeah, sad crap counts as blank!

Then I realized something that we ”girls” tend to focus too much on the dress rather on what’s inside. No offence to the females including me but it’s true. I don’t know if it’s a generalized or a biased opinion that I’m having but I’ve seen most of the guys going just for the content and not paying much heed to the way their blog looks. They just want the stuff! Err 😐 I mean they just use the blog for writing and not for showing it off. While we are too into the looks and the widgets and the gadgets and all the blogorama <3

Did I talk too much about boys, girls and blogs already? I’m sorry I’ll stop!

The hunt is still on. If anyone can gimme some nice suggestions, that’d be great. You can write a guest post on iThoughts =D

Later! <3