Imperfectly Perfect

Hey all! It’s been a while since I wrote something here. Yeah, I know I keep shifting between wordpress and blogger but I missed this template real badly so I just shifted back. There’s something weird about this template! It gives me the feel to blog while the others don’t. Anyway, enough about templates šŸ˜

I’ve been experiencing this weird thing about myself lately. Don’t know if it happens to you guys too but I feel that there are a lot of imperfections within me which according to my friend is the new ”perfect”. Now that’s kinda stupid, don’t you think? If it’s imperfect, it’s imperfect! As simple as it is. How can imperfect be perfect? It’s like calling ugly the new ”beautiful” or stupid the new ”amazing”.

Whatever the case is — I just got to thinking that let’s rule out ”imperfections” for the moment and focus on ”perfect”. What according to you is being perfect? Wait, I get to ask you the questions in the end. First, my take on this. I asked a friend about the perfect girl and according to him this is how the conversation went on

Me: So what kind of a girl are you looking for?

He: She’s gotta be perfect.

Me: Yeah, okay! So does a lot of people. Define ”perfect”

He: She has to be beautiful, smart, talented, a great cook, good with the words, communicate fluently, be understanding, have the ability to carry herself well and…

Me: So basically everything.

He: Umm, yeah pretty much

Me: You do realize that’s not gonna happen, right? Either way one of the other factors will be missing of conflicting with the other.

He: Yeah, I know

Me: So you do know she does not exist, right?

He: Yup, I know that.

Me: Then why are we having this conversation?

He: ‘Cuz you asked me what kinda girl I wanted

Me: Gee.. so?

He: So just because I want it doesn’t mean it err she has to exist. Not all wants need to be fulfilled or exist in reality. I know what I want and what I will get will have a major difference.

Me: šŸ˜ Took you that long to realize that, eh?

Anyway, I realized this conversation was baseless so I switched on to asking a girl about the perfect guy. Again, I interviewed a friend and this is how this talk went —

Me: Alright, I know you want a perfect guy so go ahead and tell me the qualities you want in him

She: Whoa whoa whoa, perfect guy?

Me: Well, yeah. Everybody wants a perfect partner

She: What’s the point of wanting a perfect partner when I know I won’t get one?

Me: Well, it doesn’t hurt to ”hope”, you know.

She: Nevermind. I never wanted a perfect guy but yeah a perfect guy would be someone who’s handsome and also kinda cute, someone who understands me, someone who is concerned and caring and doesn’t act like a jerk and..

Me: Yeah, all right. Again with the looks and the entire package deal.

She: I’m sorry honey but looks does count in perfect.

Now, you’d enjoy this. This is a fact that good looking people look out for or tend to fall for people who are average joe looking so that they don’t feel insecured or feel that their thunder is being stolen away. And the best part is if both are good looking, ego clashes are bound to happen.

This doesn’t apply only to looks — even when it comes to skill-sets and other talents — one always gels well with a less or a higher skilled partner so that the dominating factor doesn’t kick in.

BTW, I just realized that this became way too much of a relationship post. What I’m trying to say is that what you have is already perfect. Don’t try to make it more perfect which is the new “imperfect”. Vice versa also helps. Yeah, sometimes you miss those imperfections and perfection can just bite you in the dash.

8 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect”

  1. >You seem to be a big Apple fan. iThoughts, iFiles…it's not improbable that we might actually have Apple products of these names! The theme is nice and elegant but you shifted back to Blogger! That's a rarity. About the post, nobody seems to be happy with themselves but those who are happy and satisfied, they are the lucky ones.

  2. >The idea of perfect, as far as people go, seems rather strange. It seems to imply that all of us are supposed to conform to a certain standard and that, right now, we're all deficient in some sense. Strange nahi hai kya?

  3. >People say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds!! ;)It would be so boringggg if every one of us were perfect! … And I'm here, blogmate! šŸ™‚

  4. >It's not wrong to strive for perfection, but then the problem is that we wish for one thing and never plan of what ahead. So when you get perfection, in the form of a guy or a girl, you can't help but be jealous or the aforementioned 'ego' issues.Nice read.Cheers,Blasphemous Aesthete

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