Stop playing the blame game!

I wanted to apologize for not writing much sense lately. Guess I’m just waiting for things to brighten up. Sometimes it does make me wonder though — what am I waiting for? This life that we’re living might be THE life god wanted me to live. So, I wanna live it everyday without any hopes or expectations in the future.

Doesn’t it happen to you whenever something doesn’t turn out according to your expectations, you tend to blame anything – life, a dog, a friend, yourself ( I do this a lot), or even ”fate”.

When we talk about fate, destiny or luck, I find all of them to be unfair sometimes. I know many who think they don’t even exist.

Luck – People who ALWAYS get their way without even doing anything.

Fate – People do good things but end up facing bad things (You might wanna call it ”karma” or a base depending on your previous birth). Or, even the other way round – Bad people always always live longer and get to do all the evil things and turn out okay.

Destiny – Finding a soulmate or a partner? Think about it – just because you fall in love with someone in the same country, living in the same proximity as you and also who really cares about you and gets you. doesn’t mean he/she is your soulmate. He/she may be one of the perfect partners fr you.One can have the same kind of a person in many other countries. But you won’t really travel around the world to go hunt them, would you? Or, rather wait for them to come to you? Before calling someone your soulmate, think about this.

Last, but not the least, when we talk about Life — I don’t understand how life plays a part in destroying something you wanted. We are living life not using it. It’s just easy to blame life like blaming god — we can’t see it.

Just stop blaming life, fate, destiny, luck, yourself, god blah blah blah!

I’m not saying that we should blame ourselves or try to blame any of those terms which we don’t even know if they exist. But I think we should have a look at what we do so that we get to be aware of the consequences later.

Let’s face it — everyone’s a sinner. A sin can be big or small. Even killing an ant is a sin. Killing 1000 ants would count as a bigger sin. What we do in our everyday life counts every moment! If anything bad is happening to us, there’s a reason why it does. Even if you try to be a total angel all your life and end up losing someone or getting betrayed, rollback and try to see what did you to whom or if you did any wrongs. It’s not possible that you didn’t commit any err.

Also, on the bright side — if anything good is happening, it means you’ve done something to deserve it. Even if it means to saving an ant. (Yes, I know the ant example is very very stupid but it counts, you know).

And no there’s nothing such as less good and more of bad. We may involuntarily commit more sins than good deeds. Exactly how the ratio of incidents shape up in our life.

Let’s just stop with the blame game and start accepting our faults and move on with a positive spirit. If not today, you’ll definitely be rewarded tomorrow. I know waiting is a pain but doing things without any expectations lets you do things without any constraints. That way you get to do good deeds more than committing sins.

The famous quotes state so too

Live like it’s the last day of your life.

Love like you’ve never loved before

And finally – Love yourself. Not because it’ll make you feel better or you’re the best or anything but because many people love you to the core and you need to respect their feelings and make them feel special too sometimes. By loving yourself, you’ll be happy and you get to see them happy too.

P.S – If this turned out to be a damn boring post, I don’t care. This is my blog and my aim is to make you think!

3 thoughts on “Stop playing the blame game!”

  1. >hahaha nah, it wasn't a boring post at all. It is indeed quite true that we should learn to accept our mistakes and try not to repeat them. Fate, luck and any such entity that provides an easy way up, well, it always favours the one's who try.They say, fortune favors the brave. So true.Cheers,Blasphemous Aesthete

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