Gender Differentiation Tips – Anyone?

I know this might sound crazy or many of you must have already pictured me as a girl with resources like specs and a bit of brains being totally blind but that’s not the case! Umm, sorry. Before I proceed, I must update you with my whereabouts and a bit of explanation for my delay in posts. No? Not interested? Well, I don’t care. I’ll write it down anyway. Well I’m back home in Dubai. Jeez, never thought I’d say this is my home after how much I cribbed about it before. But yeah this is my home because my parents live here. I’m glad to be back but unfortunately this happiness is going to last for just 3 months. That sucks, ain’t it? BTW, I’m here for a reason and not just for having ghar ka khana or doing lukkhagiri. That reason is called ”internship”. Yeah, this is like my 3rd internship. My CV looks funny with a lot of internships and no work experience. Anyways, back to the topic. Now that you all know where I am and why — let’s start with something that totally made me numb yesterday ๐Ÿ˜

So this is what happened last evening. Alright, so we’re in a bus. No, not you all. Me! I was going to catch this bus back home. I missed the earlier bus so I got the crowded bus which came next. Now, here the men and women have divided seating arrangements which is pretty cool because too many perverts get into these buses. Yeah, I know that’s scary. So I get into the bus and I see all the ladies’ seat being occupied except ONE. Or, atleast that’s what I thought. I go up to this guy sitting on a ladies’ seat and ask him to move so that I can get a seat. You won’t believe what he replied. He replied that: I “AM” a Lady! Special enunciation on AM! I was like scanning him her? him HER upside down once again and then I passed on a nervous laughter.

She: Did you just call me a man?

Me: *still nervous* Erm, no ma’am. I’m sorry I was..

She: *mumbles something in african or some egyptian language*

Me: I’m sorry. I’ll just stand.

I was dead sure that she mumbled some abuses to me. Well, why wouldn’t she? I just changed her entire gender. Now, I’m no FBI (female body inspector) that I’ll go ahead and scan each and every lady who looks like a man but isn’t. And it’s not my fault either. Not trying to get racist here or anything but she was this African-Egyptian Lady who was bald (that adds to it even more) not wearing any jewellery & was wearing a pant-suit. I was puzzled and embarassed and astonished and throw in some other surprising heart attacky words and you’ll get there where I was last evening.

To top it up, I had to stand right in front of her with some other males standing right next to us and I could sense her anger through her fiery dragon breath on my neck. I was sweating like a cow. Wait, cows don’t sweat. Like a HORSE! Horse is the word animal.

So I somehow managed to get down at the very next metro and come back home.

Alright so now my parents were laughing their dashes out last night when I narrated them the story. But think about it, it wasn’t that funny. I could have been killed. ๐Ÿ˜ Well, what if she was this big huge arab lady with muscles and stuff? Alright, I better close this post before people of certain ethnicities start throwing stones at me.

P.S: No hard feelings to any of my african, egyptian or arabic readers/friends. I love you all very much. But the ladies — please start wearing make up or an occassional nose ring once in a while just for clearing doubts like these. ๐Ÿ˜

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  1. >Happened to me too. Once the movie Dhoom was in the theaters; lads grew up their hair to pretend to be a look alike of John Abraham. I always mistook a male from behind for a female. Err

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