Miss, you forgot to take your balance!

Welcome to the shypot land. Yes, there was a time when I was this doofus head. Wait? I still am. :s

I never liked going to the bazaar(market) alone. NEVER! Many many reasons behind that but just to cut to the fancy part — I am shy. I was a shy kid and I always will be a shy kid.

I remember my father used to forcefully send me to buy groceries with a proper list of what all to pick from the store. And I had this consciousness that suddenly I’m on the road and everyone’s just watching me. I get so tensed around people on the road that I just tend to start brisk walking. That makes me restless so there was a time when I went running to the market. Ah, don’t ask.

So everytime I used to go to the store, I used to be scared of the transaction part. Ofcourse, nowadays most of the supermarkets have those machines which even tell the amount needed to subtracted and stuff. But I sucked at mental maths. I still do. Oh, another reason why I was shy. So after I used to finish getting all the stuff from the store, this was the scene most of the time:

Store guy: *telling me the total*

Me: *handing over cash like 100 or 200 waiting for change*

Store guy: Don’t you have change?

Me: *nervous* Erm, No..sorry (I actually did have change but was too lazy or scared to calculate how much exactly I had to give him)

Store guy: *counting notes and giving me the change*

Me: *calculating the balance by subtracting the amount I owed him from the cash I gave him*

Store guy: Is it fine?

Me: *still calculating* Mmmhh

Store guy: Is it more or less?

Me: *getting more nervous and breaking the flow of calculations…start calculating again in my head* Wait wait..

Store guy: *starts addressing another customer*

Me: *finally get how much should be the change* Oh, yes. It’s right.

Everytime this difficult phase used to be over, I used to rush back home.

I remember there were times when

-I kept calculating how much should be the change all the way back from the market till home when I was with my mom

-Whenever there was any fast transaction was involved with a complicated twist like my mom didn’t have change or gave some coins to get an even number so that she can get a note of 10 or 20, I still kept thinking why the extra coins

-I forgot to take the balance from the store guy assuming that I got the stuff and it’s more than enough.

My father used to give me this whole speech on how many classy subjects I’m studying but the airhead that I am still don’t know to calculate mentally. And then he used to lecture me on how many schools did the people in the market go to!

Argh. Wait, am I the only one who feels nervous in public? If you have any such stories, please share to make me feel better or else I’d be the dumbest kid on planet earth 😐

9 thoughts on “Miss, you forgot to take your balance!”

  1. >Well, I sucked at maths too when I was a kid. For God's sake I got 7/100 in maths AFTER having a tutor come and teach me every day.So don't worry. Many people in this world hate maths. Including me.

  2. >LOL, I am not very fast at mental maths, and do take time to calculate the change, but yeah, many times I too have forgotten to take the change back. :DCheers,Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. >@Cheeku: Haha. Atleast you're good at mental maths. You calculate faster than a calculator, man! :|@Meera: Hun, I am glad that you're in my boat 😛 :P@Harish: LOL! Thanks for the comment. Welcome to iThoughts though :)@BA: Oh, thank you. That does make me feel better :D@Romeo: Thanks a lot, dear. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Will comment on yours soon 🙂

  4. >haha u may not be the dumbest kid on the planet.. everyone gets paranoid when they are asked a particular thing many times.. hilarious post

  5. >Started reading/writing blogs after a long time and couldnt have stumbled into a better post!My dad once made fun of me in front of a vegetable vendor,on how I lose change and spill things all the time.Nearly a decade later the dumb kid still sucks at maths,still has a bed sense of direction but still made it to IIMA!:)

  6. Well, we share something common here. I also hate to do mental calculations, rather I can't do it. But in my childhood I had discovered a trick for it. After receiving a change, I used to look at the shopkeeper quizzically. Then he used to explain me the entire calculation. I still use that trick sometimes. 🙂

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