A guilty mother’s apology to her baby blog.

Just noticed that many people have put up blogoversary on their blogs to celebrate their blog’s birthday. I think it’s kind of sweet that how much people care about their blogs. To me this blog is much more than an online journal. It’s my baby! I always wanted to adopt one but iThoughts is my very own baby. I gave birth to it without any witty funny man or smart seed of any righteous soul, but just with a keyboard and my mind.

And today the thought struck me deep when I started thinking about my blog. I’ve been a horrible mother. When I was putting the birth date of my blog on the blogoversary link, it appeared to me that iThoughts is going to be 2 years old while many of you will see that it has just completed 1 year which is not true. I remember deleting my blog and account — almost everything when a storm hit my life. You know those times when you wanna end everything when nothing’s going right? Yeah, I’ve been through it. But this blog was everything to me. It was a very popular, funny and happy space. Not only did it make me laugh but entertained many others. I remember it had many followers. Everything got over when one of my moods struck me. It kinda makes me regret that time.

I feel like I’ve killed my baby with my own hands. Kinda aborted it or something. So here’s something for you, iThoughts

I will always hold you close to me

You’ve been my only diary whenever I wanted to talk to someone

You never react but always understood me

You were able to pull out my thoughts and place it here

You cheered up many souls, kudos to that

You made me think a little more everytime I came to you

You will always be my dearest! And not even once will I ever think of deleting you from my life EVER

Mommy is sorry that she has been so harsh to you but I’m ready to pay my dues. Whatever it takes you to keep you alive, I’ll do it. I’ll feed you everyday with anything that I’m capable of. Most importantly, I love you the most and you mean the world to me.

On a funny note though: I apologize for trying to change your clothes so many times and being a terrible shopping freak when it came to picking out the perfect theme for you. Someday, I’ll design your clothes with my own hands and make you look like a shiny piece of journal.

I love you, my baby girl. 🙂

BTW, iThoughts is a girl because she has all the colours of life. She’s sensitive and funny at the same time. And soon I’ll think of a name for you on your 2nd birthday. Till then, we’ll celebrate the countdown in a grand way.

Till then, baby girl name suggestions are welcome. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A guilty mother’s apology to her baby blog.”

  1. >Very cute post ana. I remember having done it several times during those moods. But I never really deleted the blog. I just stopped blogging, and thank god i didnt !

  2. >Amazing thought..What u have written was exactly right and those lines at the bottom of the post was very good and a nice way to describe on how much u love ur blog..a unique way of expressing..u will be a very good writer..:)If u r free..pls visit my blog..http://xploreer.blogspot.com/

  3. >Yup happened the same to me, the blogging has been stop and start kinda exercise, well that would mean i am a terrible father:(..Hope to pay more attention to mine now..yours was kind of an eye opener..

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