Music – Summary of Life?

I remember when I was in school, I used to go for english tuitions. Apparently, Wren & Martin wasn’t helping me. The tuitions used to be conducted by this college professor. He asked me a question one day about ”speed”.

Professor: What do you think travels the fastest?

A friend: Sound!

Me: Umm, light?

Professor: You both are wrong.

Both of us: *puzzled*

Professor: It’s the BRAIN!

Now, that I think about it, he was right. The fastest I can reach home is by picturing myself in it first. I think the fastest we can think sometimes does beat light and sound at the same time.

But what has this got to do with music? Well, I’m sure this has happened to many of us a lot of times that you’re listening to a particular song and the memories keep jingling in your head. It does, doesn’t it? Today, I realized that music had the power to actually play an entire summary of my life in my head. It was about everything – the traps, the pitfalls, all my relationships with every person I ever met, painful & happy memories, my childhood, my teenage! Soon after the music got over, I felt like I literally lived all my life till now through just one song! It was an amazing feeling.

Has it ever happened to you? That you were listening to a song and it ended up taking you back in time?

Kinda like the feeling in this song

For those who fail to understand hindi, the song says – I wish I didn’t have to return to my conscious state(reality) at all.

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