A letter to me from my childhood.

Dear Anamika,

First of all, I’d like to say ”Hahahahahahahahahaha!”. Confused? Well, you know you’re a big dinkus, right? You should know that. Great job growing up by the way. And why on earth do you make people call you ”Ana”. I remember when you were little people used to call you Anamika or Mona. I mean what’s wrong with that now? Both are really good names. Stop being such a wannabe and trying to fit in better.

And what’s with all the emotional crap? Remember that things are simple. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Why do you have to go out of your way to impress or depress someone just because you think it’s the ”right” thing to do. BTW, we also need to talk about right and wrong. Let me tell you that life is the same as it was back when you were little. It’s you who has changed. It’s you who made all the choices. If you made a booboo, then suffer! Why cry about it?

I looked much prettier than you too. I don’t know what you eat or sulk yourself into. Look at your hair! Mine was so much better. People even adored me. Nobody tried to give me all the lifelong advise. I was a good girl and most importantly a naive girl. Why are you such a cunning little masquerading pest?

On the parents thing – since when did mom and dad become hell for you? No, answer me. When you were little, they protected you from all those evil neighbours and that big dood with a bat who was coming to hit you or the rich girl who made you cry with all her pride. They love you and they don’t keep 10000 conditions before you. It’s not like they asked you to clean the dishes or make the bed everyday. You were the sweet little princess and you owe them for that by not cribbing 24/7.

Freedom, my ass! What freedom are you talking about? Going out and meeting your friends and having a lovely time with them? Well, I did it too and they never stopped me. What’s stopping you? Only that I never returned after 11 or 12. I came home back at 8. Alright, I grant you 2 more hours. Come back home by 10! I bet they’ll not stop you from meeting your friends.Well, I never made friends with strangers. If you do and don’t tell your parents about it, I guess that answers why your freedom was snatched away from you.

For god’s sake, exercise, woman! I used to ride the cycle everyday! I used to go running. Heck, I even fell into the gutter while playing hide and seek with my friends. Remember how my hands used to pain after playing badminton for long hours with my best bud? What happened to you? Sitting at home, staring in front of the screen, hooked on to your stupid Facebook! I managed to survive without social networks. I made friends in real life. Why can’t you?

I’m a lot jealous of you. I didn’t have many things which you have today and still I was happier than you are today.

I could never make my legs reach the ground and the waiters had to get me extra cushions for me to reach the table at the restaurant. Do you remember how embarassing that was for me? You don’t have to deal with that now.

My cousins used to make a fool out of me asking to me to pray from Santa till I realized he doesn’t exist. You don’t have to wait up all night waiting for the fat round man to bring you apparent gifts.

My parents banned me from taking to a movie because it was an adult film. I stayed home with granny having coconut cookies and staring at the sky, cursing my parents to the core! You don’t have that obligation. You don’t get to curse your parents for not taking you an adult movie because you CAN go for it. Oh, wait. They never took you? Why would they? You’re a sad wuss.

I could never wear jeans or write with pens or wear nail paints to school! You can do those things.

I couldn’t watch the late night cartoon shows because it was past my bedtime! You can watch more than late night cartoon shows if you know what I mean!

Hence, for once stop trying to think that you’re a loser because you achieved all those things which I could never achieve! These teeny tiny achievements — they count missy!

And what’s with all the heartbreaking story? If you love someone, stick with that person. You don’t have to be in love with 10-12 guys and then choose. What do you think this is? The princebowl for the princess? Just love and be loved. Be free like me! Be cute like me!

Most importantly, don’t kill me. Trust me, you need me. Not only for my great ideas, but for giving you a constant reminder that you’ve won many battles!

Now, go blog this out to the world. See? I couldn’t even blog back then! DARN YOU! Lucky rat!


Your sweet little yourself

*evil grin*

3 thoughts on “A letter to me from my childhood.”

  1. Simply Superb 🙂

    Life is a lot simpler when u're a kid, the only thing that can hurt is a metal scale 🙂

  2. WOW, the little Anamika seems to grow much more wiser and retorting as Ana grows up and learns. 🙂
    Truly said, that there is a child inside you, don't let it die. So Ana(mika), thank you, for sharing this. It's innocent, it's beautiful. (:

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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