Family Anecdotes

Scene: Morning call for breakfast at home
Mom: There’s bread and peanut butter
Me: Noooo
Mom: There’s puffed rice and some snacks
Me: Noooo
Mom: There’s corn flakes
Me: Chocolate flavoured?
Mom: Umm, no normal ones
Me: Then, noooo
Mom: Alright, that’s all we have at home
Me: Nooo
Dad: *as he passes by my room* You know people who miss breakfast grow fat
*I rush to the kitchen as soon as I hear that*
Mom to Dad: How do you manage to do that?
Dad: You gotta pick your battles.

Scene: Me and my dad are watching some bollywood song dance
Me: Oh, good. Another song in the middle of the movie. Exactly why I prefer english movies
Dad: I always thought the junior artists are cuter than the main artist.

Scene: Deciding what’s gonna be for dinner.
Me: I want a gravy dish.
Dad: I want a curry dish.
Mom: So, what should I make?
Dad: CURRY!!
Mom: Aaand curry it is.
Me: Why do I always forget in an argument that you’d take your husband’s side!

Scene: Venting on life.
Me: I want some freedom! I am not 16 anymore. Why can’t I just go out and get some fresh air?!
Dad: There’s a park right by our building.
Me: That’s great 😀 *I hurry to go get dressed*
Mom: Honey, on the way back, could you please get some peas and onions, a jar of mustard and..
Me: *I glare at mom* AND?
Mom: Umm, and a can of mushrooms? *grins at me*

Scene: Having dinner at home.
Me: *halfway through dinner* Argh! Why can’t we order KFC or McD or some nice chinese?
Dad: *while eating* Because by the time they reach, the food becomes cold.
Me: Then why don’t we go and eat outside?
Dad: In this weather and traffic? Are you kidding?
Me: When you didn’t have a car, that used to be your excuse. Now, you have a car and the weather is your excuse?
Dad: I never said I’m buying a car for a hunger ride. *keeps munching*
Me: Then why’d you buy a car if we can’t go outside at all?
Dad: Honey, it’s for official err office purpose.
Me: 😐

Scene: Dad talking on the phone.
Dad: Alright, peter. Will see you in the office and talk about it tomorrow.
Dad: *about to hang up* Hmm. Mmmm. Alright. Alright
Dad: *listens to some more* Okay. Okay. Bye!
Dad: *responds to another query* Well, we’ll talk tomorrow on this.
Dad: *finally hanging up* Ooookay. BYE!
Mom to Dad: Perhaps you should wait till the other person finishes before you hang up.
Dad: That’s the only way to let the other person finish ASAP!

Scene: A normal discussion
Me: Hey, you guys, why am I the only child?
Dad: It’s hot! I better go take a shower. *rushes to the bathroom*
Mom: I’ve got something on the oven. Lemme check.
Me: *to myself* Ask a question just to shoo them away. 😐

We all have a crazy family. It’s the craziness that makes it fun, innit?

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  1. Indeed, even small day today conservations are worth remembering, however mundane they may be! Its the people involved in them, that make it special.

  2. Oh yes. Everyone is bestowed with a family and embedded craziness. My mother blames me for everything; even when I am not around. IPL is so much fun with her. *Smiley*

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