The Impossible Gift Idea

What’s more heartbreaking? When a person breaks your heart or a person dismisses your gift that you’ve spent months on trying to make it perfect? Duh! The latter one. Imagine to have to live through that moment of guilt and anger till the person is done talking ill about your gift. 
Let’s take Jack and Jennie for example here. Now, Jack spent months trying to get Jennie the perfect gift. What did he get her? A custom made barbie doll that says ”I love you, Jennie” in its own colorful ways.
Jack: So didja like it?
Jennie: Mmm. Uh hmm. Mm. 
Jack: Hehe, err what’s wrong?
Jennie: No, I loved it. I mean who won’t like a doll that says your name, I mean..
Jack: *has a puzzled look on his face*
Jennie: I mean who wouldn’t like to see a barbie say your name! I mean this is exciting, I mean..
Jack: Erm, honey?
Jennie: Yeah?
Jack: You know the old classics like “It’s a really nice gift” is still OKAY!
Jennie: Yeah, I know. But nice would just mean nice. I wanna say that it’s nicer, you know. I wanna say..
So this went on. Finally, Jack understood that she didn’t like the gift and Jennie came out with the truth that it’s a lame gift.
The challenge is to decide the perfect gift by not putting much thought into and just come up with a random idea. Here’s the part which gets tricky! Now, there are SOME people who already own everything. Let’s take a ”guy” for example. He’d always give you the I-already-have-a-watch thing on your face, you know. Whereas, it’s always always easier to get a girl chocolates. You get her a pack of Cad bury and she’d go crazy on them. Gifts that are consumable are easier than the gifts that’d make a permanent stay in one’s lives. 
Let’s take my dad for example. I mean now that I’m getting a nice stipend, I thought it’d a great idea to get my parents some nice gifts first, you know before I go around spending it on myself or my favorite dogs across the street. The conversation never goes well with my father. My mother is easily convinced. She’d take anything I wanna get her but dad…
Me: Dad! Dad! How about I get you a coat?
Dad: No, thanks. I already got one. 
Me: Oh…Then how about a nice watch?
Dad: I’ve a watch that’s working for 15 years. (there comes the stats. 15 years of watch experience, 10 years of shoe experience and what not)
Me: Ohh-kay! How about I get you a nice pair of Ray Ban eh? 
Dad: I already got a better brand of the Police.
Me: What about shirts? Let me buy you a shirt and trouser set? 
Dad: Got too many of them, dear.
Me: *I get mad obviously* Alright, so let me get this straight. You already have everything that I’m willing to afford within my reach. So there is absolutely nothing that I can buy you? 
Dad: Oh well, I don’t know..
Me: How about I get you a nice dinner?
Dad: You mean if you cook yourself? Sure. 
See? That’s the key. Consumable gifts! 
Now that I think about it I never cared about the idea behind the gift. I don’t want a huge building with diamonds on it. You get me a pair of earrings and I am happy. You get me some chocolates and I am happy. And I’ll never give you the – I’ve had chocolates for 10 years (stats) ! I’m speaking for myself here because I’ve known both girls and guys who give each other a hard time regarding gifts. So the key here is to get something that can be finished within minutes and cannot be said no to (irresistible) 
Couple of pointers – 
Food again.
Movie Tickets 
Oprah Tickets
Lottery Tickets (alright, this one’s lame)
Take a Trip together!
And if you’re thinking of something that’d be a permanent gift then get a picture of that person’s family members including that person in it and get it photo-framed! What? Family’s gonna stay forever!

3 thoughts on “The Impossible Gift Idea”

  1. A gift rejection is something which can make me a murderer. Spending hours on selecting and then another half an hour for packing; and what do I get? “Eh? Erm! Nice”
    Consumable or temporary gifts are far much better choice. At least they taste's good.

  2. What to gift has been one of my poorest departments. Like, I don't know what kind of clothes the person likes to wear, I don't know what they might be needing and is within my easy reach. Cards? Maybe, but a lone card really might feel lonely.

    Food is good, but, kab tak?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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