Shoo-ing away awkwardness

You ever had that feeling of being in an elevator and feeling awkward about that silence that dawns upon you till your floor comes? Well, I always get it. It’s weird and I know there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t speed up the elevator to reach the damn floor. I just have to stand there and bear the silence with a bunch of strangers and wait till my floor shows up. Now, my life had become that elevator. Everything was silent. Everyone was a stranger. Popping up weird questions like “How’s your pet rabbit?” made things worse. What made things easier? Be okay with everything that’s going on. In fact, the more I apply my head into things, the complicated it gets. My nature doesn’t give up. It works too hard on finding out the details of all the What(s), Why(s), How(s). I had to let them go. Well, do I feel better? Of course. Is this what I wanted? Maybe not but my brain gets less tired. Be happy for that! 
From now on, the gossip town of all the troubles will come to an end. It’d probably range from conversations like, “Remind me why did we NOT talk for so many days again?” to “Hey, what’s new with you man?”
Alright, fine, they weren’t exactly ”gossipy” kinds but you know what I mean. Never bother much with the details and just move on. Or, in short, be like a ”guy”. 😛 Okay, I hope I don’t get stones thrown at me by boys for this. 
Keep smiling. I’ll try to write a lot more.