Blame the bed, not me.

That evil wide long thing standing on four legs with a delicate mattress resting on it and some incredibly soft pillow calls out to me, “Get back here you! You know you need me.” 
Let me be honest. I’d probably not spend SO much time with even my special someone as much as I spend on my bed. And there’s no this bed or that bed or my bed. When I see a bed, I know it’s time to sleep. In fact, I even sit on it and study because it’s just easier to go to sleep when I get bored of books which happens all the time.Not to mention the time when I’m already in my bed but I don’t feel like sleeping. Whether I’m asleep or not, it doesn’t matter! The amount of lethargic air that my bed pumps into me is what makes me so lazy. 
Lazy is very undefined there. Let me define it for you. 
  • Too lazy to get up and switch off the fan when I’m freezing cold. 
  • Too lazy to get up and actually put the covers back on me when they’re lying around my feet. I almost do kung fu on my bed just to kick back those covers on me. 
  • Too lazy to go to the washroom –> This one’s pretty famous with everyone, I guess? Hence, the bad habit of not drinking water before hitting the bed even though I make everyone hear that suggestion from me everytime.
  • Too lazy to get up and search for the water bottle when thirsty
  • Too lazy to even look at the phone sometimes (when there’s a message or a call alert)
  • Too lazy to look at the time. 
  • Too lazy to turn off the alarm. It’s just easier to slap all over my pillow and search frantically for the goddamn phone. 
  • Too lazy to get up from bed 😐 (Exception: Winter mornings. I won’t blame my bed. I myself don’t feel like getting up then.)
I’ve a bad feeling I’m falling asleep because I’m sitting on my bed and typing out this post. 
So, if you think I’m lazy, it’s not my fault. Blame the bed!
P.S: Even a comfortable couch is a culprit. Actually, any place with a seat. Alright alright, I love sleep! 😐