I blabber but I too get bored

Well, since my last post had done a lot of bashing on the toppers and the people who love to study, I figured I bash myself up a bit this time. It’s not so much of a self-criticism per se but more on the lines of wanting-to-improve-but-failing-big-time! I blabber a lot. My friends listeners, parents have complained a lot on this habit of mine. I’m an excellent listener to a stranger and exactly the opposite to someone I know very well. Now, you know the trick to getting the listening side from me – Don’t get too acquainted with me. Before I go on to explain how much I blabber, some of you must be out there trying to prototype me into being a ”girl”. Yeah, I know you must be going on like, “You’re a girl! Of course, you’ll blabber a lot.” It’s almost as corny as the ”99% sound and 1% sense” joke. To be honest, that one did hurt but I’m glad we girls inspire people to come up with such creative jokes at times. Anyways, don’t wanna divert from the topic. 
Oh yes, I’ve been literally asked to shush by almost everyone? Yes, everyone. I mean I remember even a KID asked me to shut the hell up once upon a time. Yes yes, I believe I was that annoying. It’s not the annoyance so much but more of the constant ”BLAH” material that I throw upon people! I don’t ask questions. I don’t answer them either. I just don’t let others speak when I’m around. I remember I was trying to a friend was trying to have a conversation with me about Samosas. Let’s call her ‘L’. I don’t want to take her name here because she might come down here and actually bring out my other bad habits. But today is just about my Blabbering. 
L: Hey, you know I had some amazing Samosas in Bombay. I think they use some secret ingredient in their fillings or..
Me: I know! I know. I mean they top it off with green chutney! And the best part is that they put yummy aloo ki sabzi (cooked potato fillings) inside it. In calcutta, they put peas, carrots and almost all kinds of vegetables. 
L: Wow, really? That must be..
Me: Yeah yeah, it’s disgusting. I mean to think of it, I actually love food in calcutta but the samosas and the fillings.. Argh and *insert a lot of blah-ing about samosas*
*it’s been over 5 minutes*
Somehow, I’ve been talking about food and all the other kinds of food dishes in Calcutta and there’s no stopping me and I fail to notice that L has gone silent all this while. 
Me: Oops, did I speak too much?
L: Nah, it’s.. I’m used to it.
Me: So, what were you saying?
L: I don’t even remember.
Yeah, I hate it when that happens. 
Now, the challenge here is that I’ll make an excellent talkative moron and probably the worst person at a debate. And I have made many girls ”shut up” just because of me talking my dash out. Don’t even bother asking the guys what I do to them. They’re just too nice to listen to me because of the whole ”respect-her-because-she’s-a-girl (or creature, if I may?). I guess my talkative nature is very reflective in my posts too. 😐
The secret to shut me up is to offer me a nice dish once in a while or some candies maybe. What? You think it’s easy to just blah nonsense forever? Some people find it entertaining and cheer up because of my crap.

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  1. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and I think your post is super cute! I love samosas and especially with chutney, so I completely understand how someone could get completely carried away with the topic 🙂
    I wish I had the ability to “blab,” I think I am the extreme opposite 🙂

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