Get your presentation skills right

No, really! This one was coming anyway from my end. I figured I’m doing an MBA so I might as well learn and at-least let others know what are the ”Do’s and Don’t s” while making, giving your presentation. Alright, let’s just do the Don’t s because nobody likes to hear what one should do. It’s like the time in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Rachel yells at her Sister Jill:
Jill: Don’t tell me what I should do
Rachel: I’m not telling you what to do, I’m telling you what NOT to do.
Whew, I know I can’t get over that soap but let’s get back to the point. A few basic pointers where people go wrong and I’ve seen this over and over again and today it just hit me that I wanted to take a big ball of stone and hit someone. I’ll calm down but before I do, let me just get it out of my system. 
Does anyone understand the significance of bullet points? I mean not ACTUAL bullet points, you know. They’re supposed to be key pointers words that’ll help you remember the rest of the what you’re going to speak to the audience. 
Oh, btw, there’s a set of creatures called the ”Audience”. You need to look at them while presenting. No no, they would not want to see your butt, your side-pose, your hairy arms, your hair or anything else. All they would like to see is your face. Yes, remember face and if they aren’t paying attention, it’s probably you aren’t as pretty or peaceful to look at. I’m just kidding about that bit but face the audience while you deliver your presentation. By deliver, I do not mean walk into the podium like a postman, deliver the mail and run! Deliver slowly and gradually by making all your point very valid and understandable. Let me be honest with you: I am horrible at delivering a good presentation. In fact, I am worse than a postman. At least, the postman comes and stays with you for a while, takes your signature and all. I probably would deliver my presentation in a jiffy and leave. Did I confuse you guys with the postman and the presentation too much? Fine, sorry. The bottom line is to never rush through the points but speak clearly. 
When I talk about speaking here, I mean speak and not over-emphasize every point or try to pull each word like a strand of rubber till the point it breaks. Don’t be so slow in delivering your speech that you make the audience as well the mentor who is assessing go off to a snoring ride. Be crisp but not as crisp as the bullet points on your slides. If you just plain read what your slide speaks has in it, you’re just trying to insult the audience by depicting that they’re blind and that they wanna hear what’s on the slide. Bring out your own points.
Can people please please please avoid theories on their slides? It’s high time that one realizes that slides are meant to be more of a guide to help you out when you’re speaking so that you don’t stammer or pull on a lot of ”Oh, Umms and Aahs”. Who the heck would wanna read an entire piece of theoretical paragraph on the slide? You can try that if you think your face is that uninteresting to look at, divert the audience to the slides. I mean if that’s your agenda but the key to a good presentation is to make people see your face and hear what you’re speaking (and not any rubbish). 
And also, make sure what you speak does match with what’s on your slide behind you. Yes, it is embarassing when there’s a donkey posing on the slide and you’re busy talking about cats. Or worse, you bring out an elephant when there’s absolutely no sign of that giant on your slide. To some level, it’s acceptable that you talk about some stuff which is not present on your slide but going overboard is just plain stupid. A small reference would help.
Watch the time! – Yes people, you do not have all the time in the world to deliver what you wanted to present. For that maybe you should really pay the audience to listen to you because trust me listening skills don’t come for free after a while. With mothers, it’s a different story but not with people who’re trying to present on a topic that has been probably been presented on many-a-times before.
Voice modulation – It really helps a lot of people. I think that’s the key to a good speaker too. But who said you’ve to be the best? Just be audible. When I mean audible, I don’t mean to yourself, I meant ”be audible to your audience”. Don’t scream because you may wanna buy them hearing aids and that’s not a very good deal. Don’t be too subtle — it never helps! Don’t be afraid of being heard. Relax, they won’t kill you. They probably are just as dumb as you are. (this was just to make you feel better)

Did I miss out anything? If I did, pardon me. I’m human too, hence, I tend to forget every though that gets recollected in this teeny tiny brain of mine. I won’t lie to you all but I make most of the blunders I’ve written above but I’m trying my best to improve. I suggest everyone starts doing the same or else someday the reason of people getting fired from their job would be just an embarassing boring presentation excuse. Now, you wouldn’t want that on your recommendation letter stating ”Good player, Bad speaker”, do you?

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  1. Hahaha… thats so perfect… I wish i read this in my management class…. 🙂

    It was awwesoem.. and i dont know what a playwright artist is… i am gonna google it now…

    and u mention any of the scene from friends.. u'll alwasy have my full attention..


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