Everything is momentary

The feeling of nostalgia doesn’t really let go of things that I’m close to. It feels like just yesterday when I came to Pune for university studies and it’s all over now. This was like one of those *poof* moments when everything is over in a jiffy. 
Tears are rolling down my cheeks..My heart’s kinda numb…My eyes are…Wait a second! I’m not insane. None of those things are happening to me. Well, it did a few days ago but now I’m living in a bubble of fear. Eventually, this fear is going to eat me up because I’m letting it sink in. Trying to find something that actually stays with me forever is like an impossible task. The problem lies with me. I’m letting go of things so easily that I end up blaming the things which are gone. This taken for granted attitude has got to stop.  
If things like friendship, love, phases, life, people, jobs and even cute pets – are all temporary then there’s nothing to fear right? Because I know all of it is going to end someday. I might as well enjoy every moment. 
The bad times are temporary – great! Hence, look forward to the good ones.
The good times are temporary – so live these times like you’ve lived never before. 
I can only preach myself till the extent I want to be preached. Truth is I haven’t even started preaching myself.
Now, don’t feel sorry or miserable for me. I’ll bounce back someday.

One thought on “Everything is momentary”

  1. Cheer up young lady..

    As your topic states Everything is momentary indeed.. might as well realise that behind every darkness lies a shadow.. a light to be enlightened by .. Cheers 🙂

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