The power of closure

The world keeps cribbing about all good things coming to an end…How about the fact that some bad things also come to an end? I wanted to write this post for a while now. My readers – whoever you are, wherever you are, you must have been reading my blog on/off. I haven’t been in the best of mindsets and shapes lately. No making fun on the ”shapes” aspect – I’m curvy and I like it. The reason? There were some major relationships lying pending without any answer or let’s just use the term ”life”. Without any life! Sounds good enough? I wanted to give them a life either by defining them that where it stands or how it should stand. I know it’s not always important to give everything a meaning and one should just leave it as it is but sometimes it’s very important to discuss certain things and get it out of the system. 
Damages always kick in when one relationship affects the other and then that goes on and on. It’s a chain reaction, you see. I won’t call it a vicious cycle because every relationship deserves a certain amount of respect. 
I took my loved ones for granted for people who took me for granted. Most of us do that unknowingly or maybe purposely. I just got closure from two most major people in my life because their actions/life affected mine in every way till date.  I also found out that my best friend’s mother is no more in this world (i still cannot believe that it’s actually true). And to top all this, I talked to my baby sister after years just to hear her bickering on how sad life is. Not even a courtesy “Hello or How are things?”.
You know what the best part was? I am not feeling that tinge of pain which I feel after anything sad or surprising happens. I never expected certain changes which did take place recently and I’m still okay. I’m still here writing this post. I’m still here thinking that it’s okay to blog about it and get some sympathy or company. I was wondering if I’ve become a stone or have I become matured? Is God helping me to motivate myself so much that I actually look forward in life to set things right and not hurt people who love me anymore just because of my own problems? 
One answer: Maybe. 
I don’t feel anything anymore. No, I’m not numb. I’m happy I don’t feel anything. 
But I did learn one thing for sure – Some people don’t deserve the truth and some don’t deserve to be lied to.

2 thoughts on “The power of closure”

  1. And some relation dont deserve that tiniest amount of respect.

    because these are kinds which actually were not supposed to happen.

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