Beating around the bush.

Instead of trying to act all smart, I admit I’ve run into a writer’s block or a blogger’s block. There are two reasons for that – I’ve stopped thinking, or I think all the time but I’m too busy to jot them down for you guys. Just to self-motivate myself, I ended up creating multiple blogs which only took a second but the whole day/noon-naps went into deciding what should I name my new blog, what should the colors be, the look of the template and all that jazz. Guess I was just trying too hard to not think on the lines of the actual content. It’s funny that I’m out of content because stupid things keep happening to me always and I know people love reading about those.
Hence, I decided to write about this block in my mind till I unblock the block. Umm? Makes any sense? No, right? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m going to write on things that do no make sense anymore. I know you guys must be hmph-ing in your head going “Girl, when did you EVER write sense?!” but hey – I’m serious. Let’s just stall for a while till I hit a note or maybe get tips from you all on what to write on. I’m an expert in stalling, believe me. I’ve been doing this to my parents for a while now whenever they bring up the marriage talk. I’ve also used this on many guys when they popped up ”the” question. No, not that question. 
What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to beat around the bush. If you did read this till here then I’m sorry to say it was an absolute waste of time. Now, go back to fishing/chatting/pulling your own hair or just resting your cheeks on your palm.
At least, I wrote something. *sheepish smile*

2 thoughts on “Beating around the bush.”

  1. If this is what you can come up with when you have writer's block, I think I'll be pretty damn impressed when you've recovered from it!

    And as someone famous once said (well they probably did), one man's sense is another man's poppycock (There, I used poppycock in a sentence. Take that, world!). So keep writing! We all want more!

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