Be understood as well as understand.

It’s funny but that’s the kind of situation I’m dealing with these days. My previous post was just a filler but I wanted to take my life seriously, which means each and every bit of it should be taken seriously – which also means that my blog gets counted in it. No more funny business with it. Anyways, back to the point. Ever since I came to Chennai (oh yeah, that’s news BTW) – I’ve been trying to understand or make myself being understood. 
With people – It has been a challenge dealing with people here. People aren’t bad in Chennai. There, I said it. Not all of them are bad. Some really try to understand me and some..I had to try to understand. Let’s take the rickshaw guys – they are sometimes hard to deal with but when they pop in the fuel/diesel worries, I totally cave in. 🙁 BTW, I’m gonna beat up all my southern friends who never warned me about them. The first day I tried to catch an auto to go to Dominos, I had the longest conversation with the first tamilian. We discussed everything right from the fact that I’m not an alien from another planet to the fact that I want to go to the nearest store and not visit all the pizza stores in the city. Felt like I’m in an auction when it boiled down to the ”fear fare factor”. We literally tried all combinations of 
100 for one way
50-50 for both ways
40 for no ways
20 if he made me walk too much
And that’s how it went on. 
With accommodation – Another big pickle. Visited a few tenants but somehow the idea of a single girl who eats non vegetarian and hails from a city like Mumbai wasn’t very pleasing for them. However, when they learned the fact that my parents will visit me from time to time (a big fat lie), they sort of settled down. Anyhow, I landed in a PG. There are tales you don’t wanna know of.
With weather – I understand it’s a coastal city and I’ve accommodated myself with that fact but the city can probably be a little gentle on the clothes when it downpours at unpredictable hours, or stop burning all of us to ashes.
With food – I’ve discovered million ways to cook without the use of an oven or a gas. All I needed was an electric kettle and a sandwich maker. No no, I do not cook maggi all the time. My roomie has inspired me to make khichdi in it as well. If you wanna know how – just ask me. 
With language – I’m still learning the common terms. Just not into the bad words yet because even pronouncing a hello is making my mouth hurt. 
Anyway, all of this has made my life in this city worth living with a bit of comfort if none at all.  
I’ve cut down on a lot of things which I love like watching my favorite TV series, spending a little too much on things that I really don’t care about, hanging out with friends (the very few I befriended here), traveling frequently to places nearby – all of this for saving time and money (which is never enough for a first job). All for what? Just so that I could share a part of my life with my readers. I’ve got some valuable feedback on my writing skills. I was asked not to write dialogues always and to portray my posts in the form of stories. I don’t know how to do that yet but I guess I’m a big never ending chapter 😉
Learn to accustom yourself with situations and life will seem easy. Like I said – be understood and understand as well.

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  1. As someone who has paid 250-350 bucks for thirty minute rides in Chennai's autos more than once, I completely understand the F. factor.

    Life in a new city can be both challenging and exhilarating. I wish you more of the latter.

    Khichdi in an electric kettle, really? How?

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