Trying to save myself a tan!

Just so you all know, my life here in Chennai isn’t a Disneyland ride. Now, of course, there’s the talk of ”Who the hell asked you to go to that godforsaken city in the first place?” but I’m just going to gently avoid that. Who knows? Maybe someday the sun will be merciful and hear out my cries. Or let’s just keep that in the bucket of distant dreams. 
I’ve read and received tons of tips on how to save the skin from burning every single day I step out into the streets. My parents take the extra mile in being concerned and convenient so they just go the easy way of asking me to buy the goddamn umbrella. There’s absolutely no problem in buying one but when you’ve to cross two-three main roads which BTW is NOT unidirectional. No wait, let me be more specific. The individual lanes themselves have parted them into a couple of more lanes which means you can expect a truck or a car (trying to reduce the level of horror) coming right at you from any direction. Hence,you see unless one really ensures that they’re looking both-ways almost each step forward, one is bound to get hit and land up inside their umbrella probably. That’s how I ruled out the ”umbrella” concept. 
Next option? Covering up myself like a terrorist! Alright alright, well just covering up myself. Apparently, that had a style as well. I ended up buying couple of stoles just for the sake of that. Why a couple? Well, some of them weren’t accommodating lengthwise. And no, we girls don’t always shop without thinking. Maybe sometimes. Anyways, coming back to the point! I, somehow, managed to learn to tie around the stole which covers my face, neck and well shoulders partially. What am I left with? Hands! (Oh, and legs as well). I can easily show multiple shades of rather fading shades of skin color on my arms, wrists and feet as well. Since, I’ve already done the damage to my skin, it’s time to recover. Before I think of recovery, I must tell you it wasn’t easy to just agree with the stole idea either. It just spilled spills water on my very little but conscious efforts on applying make up to work. Why? It gets washed and wiped away by the stole and Chennai sweat respectively anyway! No, carrying a make up box to work is really not an option that I look forward to.
I’m sure some of you must have some excellent recipes tips to make this save-the-skin-from-burning process easier. I hope it does not include “Leave the damn, city” or “Applying tomatoes all over my body”. What? The latter one actually is an expert opinion.

5 thoughts on “Trying to save myself a tan!”

  1. The first step here is acceptance. Resistance in Chennai is futile, you see.

    Once you've accepted the desert-like texture of your skin after a day in the Chennai sun, you start to believe that black is beautiful.

    From there, it's a short trip to swooning over moustached men doing their famous Tollywood dances and swearing by Rajnikant. And then the city takes you.

    Then again, you could simply leave the damn city 😛

  2. Thanks, Mr. Fanatic. Your comments are always appreciated. I'll kill you the moment your comments steal focus from my post though 😛

  3. Hi Ana!

    I thought you have a couple of stoles so just wrap them around your hands and legs as well, that solves the problem, isn't it?
    The weight of the stoles could even help to burn some calories!
    But make sure they don't get caught on the trucks!!

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