Goodbye Muscles!

You all must know that I’m good at bragging. It almost involves everything right from coming to work on a holiday or skipping junk for a week or doing anything I basically detest or that isn’t too comforting. Well, a person should get some credit for going through that pain, eh? Now, I’ve started going to this place which will probably make you pay for your own murder (quoting a friend) – yes, I’m talking about the gym. 
It’s probably not as bad as it sounds but it’s definitely growing on me. One of the many experiences I’m going through right now is not having the ability to feel my arms or legs. Oh well, it’s fun for others as they get to watch me walk like Bambi (the baby deer) almost pretending to not fall down after the trainer keeps increasing the incline level on the treadmill that I was using. 
Ever saw the look inside a chicken’s eyes when they’re just caught off guard or maybe totally expected by the butcher? Well, I’m one of those chickens in this gym where I try to make an excuse to go for a glass of water every now and then just to avoid my trainer from actually saying the words “Give me 10 more sets of push-ups, crunches or whatever comedy act they make me do”. Yep, I’m going to die in here. Just bear with my frequency of posts in not being so frequent because I probably am busy thinking of writing my obituary soon here. 
The music is probably the only thing that keeps me going and distracted. There are these moments when I look into the mirror (which is placed in front of every cardio machines) and can see myself being cursed by those countless no. of pizza slices that I consumed. It feels like a sin which even a murderer wouldn’t commit. 
That reminds me how heartbroken I was when I was being told what’s included in my diet. Of course, I my grin didn’t take much time to fade away when the trainer went from “eggs” to “only egg whites”. My meals include only oats. Ah well, a little bit of generosity was showered upon me as I’m allowed to have a bit of rice and wheat bread as well. BTW, what’s up with all the healthy food being tasteless not-so-tasty? Do you realize that if we had yummy food helping us in not putting on weight, the world would have fit and beautiful people all over? Never mind. :\

The quote: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time is very apt in my case these days.

One thought on “Goodbye Muscles!”

  1. I sometimes wonder if the fitness industry might be paying the food industry to make all good food bad for your body.

    I can see it now: KFC's CEO calling up… *glosses over his complete ignorance of any fitness company in existence* um, Jim's Gyms Limited's CEO and saying, “I'm gonna need that nice beach-house next to Miami for my sister, or we're gonna quit adding the 12th secret herb to our chicken that causes people to bloat up”

    It all makes sense now, I tell you.

    No, I would not like a nice padded cell to spend the night. Why do you ask?

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