Feasting like there’s no tomorrow

Before I go ahead, I wanna say that this blog will not be shut down and has re-opened on the account of many requests. Also, the fact that it shows how stupid I am to have abandoned such a memorable site. Now, enough of that trash talk and let’s get down to business, shall we? Let’s ruffle up my life here in Chennai a bit more. Don’t gimme the sympathy looks – I know you all enjoy reading stories on me facing situations where I totally make a fool out of myself.
The cook from our PG has decided to run away because she’s afraid she has to please our appetite a little too much. Well, that’s not really true. The truth is that we’re a hungry set of girls. Hence, the demand for crispy hot dosas never go down unless we’re served biriyani (google it!) for lunch, rotis (google it!) for dinner and more. It’s dosas and idlis for all 3 meals. Sometimes, she used to feel sorry for our taste-buds and cook a very questionable Dal once in a blue moon.
Anyway, so I’m here to say that I actually miss the 5 star chef of our PG because the current situation is worse than I could imagine. My roomie and I keep checking on  food every 5 minutes. Of course, we’ve to keep a check on when the power goes away because that really takes away the fun of fans in our rooms. I decided to have lunch today in my PG thinking that it’s time to give Dominos and semi cooked bread a break. Oh, boy! That was a big mistake. As soon as the food arrives, I see girls taking multiple plates of food (not for themselves but for their roomies). How I wish I had such a doting roomie as well but I’m sure it comes with a price. It’s really a mess when the food arrives because you’ve 2-3 items down on the table and when you’re taking one, your eyes wander on the next one thinking it shouldn’t be over before you go to take it. By the time, I go to take the next item, I suddenly can’t seem to care enough about it because they all look the same. It’s really a bunch of white rice surrounded by a mix n match or orange and red curries. We all know what a challenge that is to pick curries based on their colors. 
I’ve decided to bring tiny portions of food during lunch and stock it for the night as well. Desperate? Not really. Hungry monkey? Right on!

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  1. okay. guilty. i do enjoy reading you making a fool of yourself. 😀

    lucky for me i have never had that food problem. always been served well 😛

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