Hitchy Business

Well well well, here we are again with my stupid brain trying to do the thinking. I’ve been coaxed by my near and dear ones to write a post since I’m so frequent, if you know what I mean. The tragedy is that I don’t have to think on what to write anymore as my life has been a total drama for the past few months. Let’s share some of that here. Well, it’s that time of my life where I’ve to be wrapped inside a big dusty bag stuffed with some stocked up assets and kicked off to a place where people claim to be the end of freedom living. In case some of you bright minds missed that, I’m talking about marriage. That’s right – the great big Indian arranged psycho marriage phase has dawned upon me err my parents, I meant. I know you all must be tip toeing into asking me the very first question “How’s the groom hunt coming along?”. Brace yourselves! Before you get all excited about that part, I’ve a little bit of a tragedy over here to share with you. Remember the time when life was easier and you thought you could adopt dogs/raccoons or even a hot partner for a change? Well, apparently that’s out of the window and it got a lot more scarier than that. I’ve to adopt a human being for a lifetime. It doesn’t stop there. I’ve been getting dreams related to how disastrous this can get as well. Let me explain my dream now (yeah, I know I remember my dream! Boo you!). Anyways, back to the point. :/
Suddenly everything seems to be pointing towards marriage or everything I do has some connection to it.
I’m sitting at home trying to have homely cooked food.
Mom: Eat well. Try the fish. It’s good for your skin.
Me: Yeah, I know fish is good for the skin! Can I eat now?
Mom: Try licking the curry leaves as well. *pointing at the curry leaves inside the fish curry*
Me: Err, why exactly?
Mom: Oh, you’ll get a handsome boy if you do that.
I slide into the next scene where I’m hanging out with my friends at a beach.
Friend: Oye lemme a click a snap. Go pose behind that tree.
Me: Dude, why a tree?
Friend: It’ll give a nice background for your matrimonial pics.
I’m in conversation with my father on the phone
Dad: Do you know the three steps of face care?
Me: Err, yeah I guess..*before I start to explain*
Dad: It’s face washing, cleansing and..*interrupting him*
Me: Dad, I cannot believe I’m actually having this conversation with you. I don’t even talk about this with my gal pals for crying out loud.
Dad: Oh c’mon. You’ve to look good for the groom hunt.
I’m talking to an old school friend (married)
Me: Girl, we don’t belong to the same boat anymore, do we?
Friend: Umm, why not?
Me: Cuz you’re always talking about..
Friend: Hold on! Lemme go check on the baby. I think he’s spitting up.
Me: Err, yeah. Exactly what I was talking about.
Friend: Alright, back! So what were you talking about?
Me: Nothing. Nevermind.
Friend: So, when are you getting married? You know life’s so different after marriage especially when..
Me: Can we talk about anything else besides babies and husbands and diapers or utensils inside the kitchen, please?
Friend: Jeez, calm down. I mean I do have to do the dishes but..
Me: OMG! Gah.
*digs into the ground to bury and cover self with mud*

Alarm rings as I’m trying to wake up but I don’t think I want to wake up. It’s just one of those wake up calls you get when everything around you is changing. The generation or even the people whom you used to know have suddenly transformed themselves into matrimonial oracles to help you get settled in an organized fashion. Dream’s over but reality hasn’t! Hence, we’ll proceed to the actual groom hunt and its side effects in the next post. 😉

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  1. Well well well, here we are again with my stupid brain trying to do the thinking.


    after that, it was a challenge to not laugh. of course that pity thing came in every now and then.

    err have fun.
    ps: u do realize i didnt know what else to say? 😀

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