Roomie Revenge

The previous two posts did speak a lot on the lines of marriage. Let’s take a bit of detour from those, shall we? Before you start hovering more around the title, I’ll break the ice for you. I’ve been traveling a lot in the last few months. I know! I know! That’s SO unlike me. No, not traveling like once to the Alps and then the next day to the Kandahars. I meant – traveling to home and then my second home back and forth. Hence, the concept of packing has been a little too — well, let’s just say I’ve a PhD in it by now. I’m sick of it. Tired of packing and unpacking. Even reached a point where I literally did not unpack certain stuff and just took it straight out from the bag after hours of searching my closets. Closet is a very fancy term for someone who stays in a PG but that’s not the point! Coming back to packing – this time it’s sort of a major step forward. Yep, I’m leaving Chennai. I’m moving back to the land where I was born. Initially, I was excited about it but then once I started thinking of all the stuff that I’ve to give up, I was disheartened (and this is a bit of an understatement!). My roomie and I were talking on what I’ve to give up and we came up with a bunch of stuff.
Roomie: When are you gonna start packing?
Me: I’ve sort of already started if you didn’t notice.
Roomie: Uh huh. Where exactly have you started?
Me: Remember, how I threw away the eggs the other day..
Roomie: Wow, score! Throwing away the eggs – that’s packing alright.
Me: No no, seriously. I’m freaking out. I’ve so much stuff and I’m only allowed like 20 Kgs of stuff that I can drag around.
*after a few minutes of silence*
Roomie: Relax! You’ll be fine. Let’s figure out what you can’t take with you.
*she starts listing down*
Roomie: Bucket, mugs, laundry bag, plastic trays, cereal boxes…
Me: Whoa whoa, boxes? I’ve a lot of them. Would you like to take away the salt/sugar I’ve stored in ’em?
Roomie: Sure.
Me: I’ve got Surf Excel as well. 
Roomie: Sure.
Me: You can keep the sandwich maker, btw.
Roomie: Sure.
Me: I’ve got some clothes as well.
Roomie: Nah, I’m good.
Me: I’ve got some moisturisers and shampoo bottles.
Roomie: Plural? I’ll take them.
Me: You can use my tray, btw.
Roomie: Sure.
Me: My bed as well.
Roomie: I know.
Me: Yeah, you use that anyway when I’m not around. 
Roomie: *grins*

*after an hour of waking me up from almost sleeping*
Roomie: Hey! You won’t be able to drink or hangout with your friends anymore.
Me: Thanks for bringing that up. Let’s just focus on goods in Chennai, shall we?
Roomie: You won’t be able to talk to your friends on the phone at night either?
Me: Uh huh.
Roomie: You won’t have time to watch movies on your laptop.
Me: Uh huh.
Roomie: You won’t be able to hang up on your mom when she talks about marriage.
Me: Uh huh.
Roomie: You won’t be able to order outside food much even when you’re craving for it.
Me: Uh huh.
Roomie: You won’t be able to reach home early just by walking from work.
Me: Did I do something to you? Go back to sleep!
The more I thought about it, she was actually right. I was so busy in planning on what I’m looking forward to that I almost forgot about what I’m gonna be giving up – My freedom! And it did suck but then silver lining to the rescue. 
*waking her up*
Me: I will be able to cook my own food.
Roomie: Uh huh.
Me: I will be able to have fish every single day.
Roomie: Uh huh.
Me: I will be able to stuff my clothes into the washing machine and not worry about handwashing!
Roomie: Uh huh.
Me: I will be able to watch TV!
Roomie: Uh huh.
Me: I can get broadband connection and download movies in seconds.
Roomie: Uh huh.
Me: I will be saving on rent. 😀
Roomie: *glares at me*
Me: I will be saving in general as well. 😀
Roomie: Alright. I’m real sleepy. 
Me: No more power cuts!
Roomie: Get your tush back to your bed!
More in my next post which will be written soon. *tongues out*

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  1. 15 kgs. you can carry around just 15 kgs.

    and lol at the roomie comments. so lemme get this straight. you are moving back home? or are you getting married?

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