The Make Out Session!

The theory class for C Programming was on. Me,and my friend Disha were sitting in the first row for a change.

Me : How come you decided to sit in the front row today?
Disha : Well, you know what? I was going through my notes yesterday and it turns out I didn’t follow yesterday’s class that well.
Me : Well, maybe because you were busy texting your guy in the middle of the class
Disha : Err, yeah maybe.
Disha : Guess what! I got this new..
Me : I think it’ll be better if you listen to the lecture today.
Disha : You listen to the class and explain me later!
Me : Yes,but you know what?
Disha : What?
Me : You need to shut up for me to listen to the class.
Disha : Right. Sorry!

So, we’re in the middle of the class and ma’am puts on some slides for demonstration. Before she begins, she clarifies if..
Prof : Can everybody make out from the slide?
Few of us : Yes,ma’am. We can make out.
Prof : Are you sure? What about the last row? Can you all make out?
The last row yells : No,ma’am. Can you zoom it a bit?
Prof : Alright! Now, can you make out?

This went on for a while and Disha happened to speak up..
Disha : I guess sitting in the front row wasn’t that bad an idea afterall.
Me : You’re right. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore. 😐

Chat with an IRC Bot

Bot : Hello
Me : Hello
Bot : Hello
Me : Err, yeah. Hello there
Bot : I don’t understand.
Me : What?
Bot : I don’t understand.
Me : Are you crazy?
Bot : I don’t understand.
Me : You silly bot, you need help!
Bot : Press ‘h’ for help and then press enter.
Me : What?
Bot : I don’t understand.
Me : Hello?
Bot : Hello.
Me : Bye.
Bot : Have a nice day.
Me : You think?
Bot : I don’t understand.
Me : 😐