When Your Passion Comes To You Naturally

then there is no looking back

Have you ever felt that you could do one thing that you really enjoy without much effort? Go for it except the natural body tasks :/

It takes years for people to find their passion. Some find it during their teenage, some during their 20s, some after that and some when they’re born. Wait? You never know.

The question is how do you know what you are good at? That’s easy. Try a bunch of things and if you fail then you know you need to stop putting effort in them.

For a while, I’ve been trying to follow some folks on the internet setting up their own business and they are successful at it. Now, I’d suck at running a business or I won’t but what I know for sure is that if I follow the crowd, I’d definitely fail.

Trust me, I tried to start:

Fashion blogging


Cooking Videos

YouTube Blabber Channel

Makeup Videos (yeah, I don’t do make-up)

Business Blog (was trying to turn this one into it)

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The entire jazz package but it didn’t give me a spark from within. It didn’t come to me naturally. I was hunting topics on the internet all day and it caused me to burn out. Everything does require effort but not when you’re lost trying to validate what you want.

Okay, why am I writing about this today? Because I wanted to share with you that start something only if you love it. Trust me, not only will you come up with new ideas but also help yourself.

Yeah, I should just stick to being a joker.

Introverse – The universe of an introvert

Yes, I could have used this as a title for my blog but turns out there already are wiki-meaning pages on that. I ruled out a title because it’s a dictionary word. Okay, I am weird!

Which brings me to the point of this post – being weird. Apparently, being weird and being an introvert is connected. In today’s world, it does not matter if you throw a puppy off the roof but god save you if you are an introvert. BTW, please do not throw a puppy or anyone or anything off the roof. It’s just.. it’s SAD! Don’t do it. I love dogs more than humans. But you see, someone’s personality is just as personal as being attached to a puppy. Why are introverts looked down upon?

Google the term ‘introverts’ and there are thousands of articles trying to forcibly convert them into extroverts. I mean why? So, the girl wants to avoid a party and stay at home and order some takeaway. Is that so bad?

Some things that introverts are NOT:

Anti social – We just like to hang out with people we connect with. Makes sense?

Anti fun – We like fun. Our kind of fun is different. Looking at the stars or the sky, maybe. Playing cuddle with a pet. Entertaining a baby just to see them laugh as much. Listening to music while asleep.

Bad friends – We are the greatest friends you can have. Trust me. In fact, if we befriend you, consider yourself lucky. Okay, I’ll stop bragging but we are the right people to be friends with. And it comes with a perk – we are good listeners

Weird – Okay, now seriously, who is not weird? Aren’t you? If you’re not then that’s cool too. Nah, I’m kidding. Not being weird is weird. However, being weird is fun. People dig that. Animals dig that even more. Babies? Well, they laugh at you.

Lone Bird┬á– Apparently, the rest of the world is always surrounded by people. You want to know a secret? We crave for space and we enjoy this trait. Feel miserable for us? Go ahead. But you know you want it too

Boring – Because we missed out on that drinking shot and flash mob practice last weekend? Hope you had fun because we were busy having fun having conversations about whatever happened to Pluto. That bores you? Aww.

I am done writing about our labels. 29 years of my life and counting and being an introvert is the best part about myself. So all the extrovert, ambivert, pretencious introvert or paid authors out there, just lay off us, pretty please? We love you all.

As for my introvert friends, I’ve got your back ­čÖé

How To Start A Blog

Time to start a blog like I did! How do we do that? Just follow the step by step guidelines below and you’re good to go.

STEP 1: Choose a blog hosting option

Don’t think and sign up for Bluehost.┬áI have partnered up with the hosting company┬áso that my┬áreaders can use this link to receive a┬á50% discount off the monthly price and a free domain. Isn’t that cool?

Or, if you think you need another decent option, I’d suggest using Namecheap

STEP 2: Choose a blog domain name

When you go to sign up at the hosting provider, they’ll ask you for a domain name. Your domain name is what the internet is going to search to get to your blog. Hence, make sure it’s short, catchy, relevant and defines your brand. It can be your name as well.

Thought of a domain name? Great! Now check whether it’s available. It’s always better to get a dot com domain for worldwide coverage but you can also try the other extensions.

STEP 3: Choose a blogging platform

I say go with the self-hosted WordPress. It has a lot of useful plugins. The best part? It comes free with the package of Bluehost you just signed up for.

STEP 4: Choose a theme

So you’ve a domain name and you’ve installed WordPress. Time to pick out a theme! Luckily, for a beginner with a budget, there are tons of free themes out there within WordPress itself. However, if you’re willing to go that extra mile and spend, I recommend using Themeforest

STEP 5: Create content

This is all you. Let your creative juices flow. Cliche? It’s true. Write what you love to write about. However, make sure it’s interesting so that your readers spend maximum time on your blog. Keep them visiting & reading!