When Your Passion Comes To You Naturally

then there is no looking back

Have you ever felt that you could do one thing that you really enjoy without much effort? Go for it except the natural body tasks :/

It takes years for people to find their passion. Some find it during their teenage, some during their 20s, some after that and some when they’re born. Wait? You never know.

The question is how do you know what you are good at? That’s easy. Try a bunch of things and if you fail then you know you need to stop putting effort in them.

For a while, I’ve been trying to follow some folks on the internet setting up their own business and they are successful at it. Now, I’d suck at running a business or I won’t but what I know for sure is that if I follow the crowd, I’d definitely fail.

Trust me, I tried to start:

Fashion blogging


Cooking Videos

YouTube Blabber Channel

Makeup Videos (yeah, I don’t do make-up)

Business Blog (was trying to turn this one into it)

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The entire jazz package but it didn’t give me a spark from within. It didn’t come to me naturally. I was hunting topics on the internet all day and it caused me to burn out. Everything does require effort but not when you’re lost trying to validate what you want.

Okay, why am I writing about this today? Because I wanted to share with you that start something only if you love it. Trust me, not only will you come up with new ideas but also help yourself.

Yeah, I should just stick to being a joker.