When I Went To Buy An iPhone

And did groceries instead. 

It’s a true story. I am caught up in the web of internet where I see beautiful, pretty pictures being clicked on social media and say to myself: I WANT THAT! One of those mornings when you wake up and have those impulse buying decisions and realize that you do not have the money to make your impulses come true. At this moment, there is no more than bread money in my card and I still thought why not go and get myself an iPhone? That’ll end my miseries. Oh boy, was I wrong!

So I get dressed and go to the store anyway

Store Lady: Excuse me ma’am, Can I help you with something?

Me: *busy looking around*

Store Lady: Ma’am?

Me: *turning around* Umm, yes I wanted to buy an iPhone.

Store Lady: Oh sure! Please have a seat.

I had no idea we needed to sit for this. Felt more like they were going to parade me with their collection of diamonds but I sat anyway.

Store Lady: You want the 7 or…*gets interrupted*

Me: Just show me the cheapest one you have.

Store Lady: We have some refurbished phones

Me: Sorry, what’s that now?

Store Lady: These are phones used by people for a small duration and then returned to the factory.

Me: Factory? Why? Did they use their iPhones to play break against the wall?

*she stares at me*

Me: Nevermind! So, I think I’ll go for a brand new one. Maybe the 6 for now. 32 gb should do. Something in silver?

Store Lady: Absolutely! How would you like to pay?

Me: *beaming proudly* I’ve got Mastercard.

Store Lady: Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards.

Me: What? Say that again?

Store Lady: Only local credit cards maybe. Not international credit cards. We accept local payments..

Me: *can feel my heart crashing* Yes yes, I hear you loud and clear.

Store Lady: Would you like to pay by cash?

*do I look like I have that much cash on me? I just put on my pyjamas and a tee on a weekend morning*

Me: Yeah, I think I’ll try to purchase one online. Thanks for your time.

And I ran out of there almost trying to compete with Bolt. I went to my happy place. The supermarket. Sometimes groceries can do wonders!